Image processing application system

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We integrate not only the software technology but also skills of the optical technology, developing high-speed data processing boards, the handling technology.

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Sheet pinhole inspection system

The system evaluates pinholes on a long-length sheet, in high speed and high precision.
Characteristics The large image data (about 37 million pixels per second) which multiplies 7,400 pixels by 5,000 lines, is processed at high speed by parallelizing photographing and image signal processing.
Inspection items Detection of pinholes, diameter of a pinhole, area of a pinhole, position coordinate of a pinhole, periodic pitch of pinholes
Inspection target ・Separator for a secondary battery
・Insulation sheet
・Inspection of a hole shape for a perforated film
・Defect detection for a film sheet and a metallic thin film
Basic specification ・Line scan camera: 3 cameras, high-resolution 7,400 pixels
・Measuring resolution of pinhole diameter: 5um
・Minimum diameter size of detected pinhole: 10 um
・Measuring speed: 60 seconds for a sample size, 100 mm×1200 mm
・White LED
Sheet pinhole inspection system


Screen image of results


Inspection system for automotive

This system for automotive LCD modules detects point defects, such as a blight spot pixel and a black spot pixel. The system works up to 10.25-inch display, and detects defects only 50 seconds par a display.

Point defects: bright and black

Bright and black point defects of a LCD module are detected.

・Bright point  A bright point (emitted pixel) is viewed in the black display when the sub-pixel of the display always is in ON-state.

・black point  A black point (unemitted pixel) is viewed in the white display when the sub-pixel of the display always is in OFF-state.

Screen image of detected black points


Screen image of detected bright points


Black Mura inspection

Black Mura inspection evaluates the luminance uniformity and quantify the luminance gradient to prevent the deterioration of appearance caused by the defect display unevenness or the defects.

Screen image of a bright state


Screen image of a dark state