Signal generator

TECNOS "TS series" is signal generators for FPD (Flat Panel Display). TS series is effective in lighting inspection, demonstration of moving image, evaluation of timing, process test, aging inspection and so on.

TECNOS provides new two models: compact and multi-functional "TS-5000", lightweight and competitive price "TS-300".


We provide a consistently integrated system from your technical evaluation to your production.
  • Any personal computers is not required for evaluations and demonstrations of a touch panel display.
  • Some interface connectors for general inputs are equipped, and enable demonstration linked with various sensors.
  • Remote monitoring and control using connectors to a operation part are effective in a product inspection.

Wide variations

  • TS series enables comparative verification for demonstrations and evaluations, by driving multiple FPDs using interface boards.
  • TS series enables multiple lighting of FPDs by using extension boards and distribution boards.
  • TS series has extension connectors, so custom boards can be developed for various purposes . It is effective for prototype of a module and mass-production process.

TS-5000: compact and multi-functional

Features Number of pixels: WUXGA (1,920×1,200)
・Data bus width: 24 bits, 2 channels
・General-purpose power supply of a general-interface board: Programable, 4.5~25V, convenient to OTP output
Demonstlation ・Usable without PC for inspections and demonstorations of FPD with touch panel
・Applicable FPD demonstrations of image signals from a camera module and other sensors
For production line ・Remote controllable using leading connectors to pull out at operation parts.
・provide consistent system from technical evaluations to productions
Options ・Compatible with the existing board models by using general-interface boards
・Programable power supply, 3 systems
・2 power source systems for backlight LED
・Level shifter: 1.6~5.0V
・Simplified function of current measurement
・Applicable multiple lighting up to 80 modules

TS-300: lightweight and competitive price

Features Number of pixels: XGA (1,024×720)
・General output for RGB IF+SPI tranfer
・Polarity setting and timing adjustment of VSYNC,HSYNC,DOTCLK,DE VSYNC,HSYNC,DOTCLK,DE
・Polarity setting of serial interface (8 bits, 16 bits etc.) CS and CLK
・2 programable power supply systems (VDD: 1.6 ~ 5.0V, VDDI: 1.6 ~ 3.6V)
・Applicable text seaquences (On sequence, OFF seaquence), setting up to 64 kinds of seaquences
・Setting up to 14 still images: natural picture data with BMP
・Display images: DVI files, sending images, slide show, test patterns
Major characteristics ・Easy operation: everyone operates at demonstration mode
・Low power consumption: (electricity supplied from USB)
・Low price and suitable for distribution to customers
Options ・2 power source systems for backlight LED
・Applicable multiple lighting
・Good achievements of lighting via a conversion board for Mipi and MDDI